A Christmas quilt at last!

I have toyed with the idea of making a small Christmas quilt to hang here for years…but they all seemed too Christmas-y–something you would feel compelled to take down as soon as Christmas was over.  This is my version of a quilt featured on the Purl Bee blog, and I like the way it makes you think of Christmas trees, but then is still quite appropriate as winter continues on.  It is a scrap quilt, so I just brought out all my dark green scraps.  I did, however, purchase two fat quarters to add to the scraps, one of which is a batik fabric I chose to represent blue spruce trees:


That fabric reminds me of the blue spruce trees in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico, where we used to visit every year.  They were a very distinct shade of blue, different from all the other pine trees.

I think this quilt turned out well, and it will be gracing the walls at least through February.


One thought on “A Christmas quilt at last!

  1. Very nice. You’re right–it brings Christmas to mind but doesn’t shout it–a great winter hanging! I am impressed by your quilting!! Have a lovely Christmas!!

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