An International Baby Quilt!

I recently had the pleasure of making another special quilt for a special baby, but this one had a long journey to get to its destination!  This special baby was born in New Zealand, as his parents are working to grow the Lord’s church in that location.


I have a thing about stripes–you can blame it on my mother.  She loved stripes–see previous post for one of her striped dresses!  Anyhow, I had lots of shirting stripe scraps, and decided to use them as the background of this quilt.  The backing is a sweet vintage print of nautical boys and girls.


I also wanted to give recognition to the unusual circumstances around his birth, so I appliqued red/white stars from the New Zealand flag, and white/blue stars from the Tennessee flag.  Now he’ll be sure to find his way back home when it’s time.

Brownie points to the US Postal Service for not losing my package along the way–8500 miles is a long way! (as the crow flies on my Google map)

Best wishes for a sweet baby boy, and his precious parents!

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