Civil War quilt top is finished!

civilwarquiltIt took over a year to get these blocks all done and assembled, but here it is!  This was a block-of-the-month project from Barbara Brackman called Threads of Memory.  I purchased reproduction scraps on Etsy, and had so much fun deciding which fabrics to use for each block.  The construction for some of them was pretty advanced, so it was good practice for me.

If you are ever appalled at the price of quilting fabric, let me assure you that quality fabric really does make it easier!  I’ve worked with everything from cheap to expensive, and the good stuff is wonderful, and rather forgiving about mistakes and do-overs.  And keeping an eye out for sales and coupons helps keep the cost down.

My tentative plan for quilting this is to do it by hand!  It is small–44″ by 58″–so it is a manageable size.  It’s been a good while since I did any hand quilting, so this will be another area of practice for me.  It would be nice to have it done in time for the quilt show next January–we will see!


A special quilt for two special people

The blog has been quiet, but I have been busy!  The latest project around here has been another wedding quilt, this time for my nephew and his lovely bride-to-be.  I asked around about her favorite colors, and guessed that she might like a more modern look in a quilt.  So here was the result:

IMG_1131This is a very simple quilt, just half square triangles.  I had great fun arranging them on the design wall several different ways, and then we had a vote to decide which one we liked the best.  This particular arrangement is called broken dishes.

IMG_1133IMG_1135No fancy quilting here, just straight lines on the blocks and a little decoration for the border.  I used Kona cotton solids for the top side of this quilt, and it sews like a dream!

I found a really interesting fabric for the quilt backing, and told the recipient that if she got tired of the loud triangles, she could flip it over for a change!

IMG_1140IMG_1141This was an enjoyable quilt to make, and I managed to finish in time for the wedding shower.  Since I had extra backing fabric, and big quilts are hard to wrap, I made a cloth bag to put it in.  It closely resembles a pillowcase, so I think it might useful that way also.


I’m thinking she liked it–once the quilt was unwrapped, it never left her side!

–Made with love and best wishes for a wonderful marriage in service to the Lord —


Civil War blocks–finished!

I have finished the last six Civil War quilt blocks!  The last one was really tough–ended up doing the curved piecing by hand, simply because the pieces are so small.  But I love how they turned out, with so much variety in the fabrics, and so many ways to do a star!

blogpicsNext up is the sashing with cornerstones (squares in the intersections between the big blocks).  Time to get out the flannel design wall to arrange these blocks.  For years I just arranged blocks on top of my bed, and I am amazed at how much better I can see them when they are on the wall.  I highly recommend making a design wall if you do much quilting at all!  It doesn’t have to be complicated or permanent–mine is a pair of styrofoam insulation panels, wrapped in white flannel.  When I am not using it, I store it between the guest bed and the wall, out of everyone’s way.

Stay tuned to see the final layout of this quilt!

Civil War quilt – revived!

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I began my block-of-the-month Civil War quilt, Threads of Memory!  Unfortunately, I got busy after the second month, and did nothing except save the patterns in Evernote.  But now that several big projects are behind me, I am catching up!

Here are linked pictures to those first two blocks:




I have finished four more blocks in the past few days–

IMG_1002   IMG_1003











Some of these blocks were more challenging, but I persevered until I got them to work right.  I purchased reproduction scraps on etsy for this project, and it has been so much fun to pick out fabrics for each block.



As I mentioned before, each of these blocks has a fascinating story about slavery in this era, with lots of pictures and links to primary sources.  Barbara Brackman is the history teacher you wish you’d had in school–she makes it all so interesting!




A wedding quilt!

Seems like most of the quilts around here lately have been for babies, but we recently had the privilege of attending the wedding of a good friend, and so I decided to make her a quilt!  She likes rich colors, especially green, so I chose batik squares and framed them with black sashing.  A very simple quilt, but one that lets the fabrics speak for themselves:

IMG_0924And here’s a cool picture my husband took while I was pinning…

IMG_0228The wedding was lovely, but because these two people are faithful Christians, the marriage will be even more lovely.  May God bless them richly as they walk together as one!