Houston Quilt Festival

For years, I have heard about the International Quilt Festival held in Houston each year, but never had opportunity to go.  Now that I have a quilting friend and we live closer to Houston, we got brave and journeyed that way!

After surviving the drive into Houston (it really wasn’t that bad–Saturday morning) and finding a place to park, we walked over to the convention center.  Our first impression of the Quilt Festival–overwhelmingly huge!  We immediately realized there would be no getting to see all the vendors and quilts in the one day we had available.

So we made a plan for how to use our time, and picked which quilt exhibits sounded interesting.  Here are some highlights from the show:


All those tiny pieces…just amazing!


There were so many beautiful art quilts!


This quilt was part of the “70,273 Project”, which represents the number of disabled people killed by the Nazis.  Their fate was determined by two red Xs written on their medical form.  Quite a sobering exhibit…


Absolutely adorable!


And this was one of my very favorite!

We did not see all the quilts, and certainly did not visit all the vendors, but we sure had a good time!  Looking forward to next year!

New header!

It’s time to get going with the blog again, now that I have a little more free time on my hands!  And it was definitely time for a new header picture.  This one is my blue spiderweb quilt on the clothesline.  It looked so decorative hanging out there, I hated to bring it in.   When the leaves change in a few weeks, we may need a new header picture to suit the season.  In the current header, you can see my purple fall asters blooming off to the side.