Civil War quilt – revived!

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I began my block-of-the-month Civil War quilt, Threads of Memory!  Unfortunately, I got busy after the second month, and did nothing except save the patterns in Evernote.  But now that several big projects are behind me, I am catching up!

Here are linked pictures to those first two blocks:




I have finished four more blocks in the past few days–

IMG_1002   IMG_1003











Some of these blocks were more challenging, but I persevered until I got them to work right.  I purchased reproduction scraps on etsy for this project, and it has been so much fun to pick out fabrics for each block.



As I mentioned before, each of these blocks has a fascinating story about slavery in this era, with lots of pictures and links to primary sources.  Barbara Brackman is the history teacher you wish you’d had in school–she makes it all so interesting!




2 thoughts on “Civil War quilt – revived!

  1. These are stunning! I have no patience for “points”! :o) Thank you for sharing!
    I love the stories behind quilts. When my 2nd daughter died I started a quilt called “Jacob’s Ladder”. I really should finish it.

    • Oh, Elizabeth, you really should finish it, as a memorial to her. Never mind about the “points”, the important part is the love that is sewn into every stitch.

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