Civil War quilt top is finished!

civilwarquiltIt took over a year to get these blocks all done and assembled, but here it is!  This was a block-of-the-month project from Barbara Brackman called Threads of Memory.  I purchased reproduction scraps on Etsy, and had so much fun deciding which fabrics to use for each block.  The construction for some of them was pretty advanced, so it was good practice for me.

If you are ever appalled at the price of quilting fabric, let me assure you that quality fabric really does make it easier!  I’ve worked with everything from cheap to expensive, and the good stuff is wonderful, and rather forgiving about mistakes and do-overs.  And keeping an eye out for sales and coupons helps keep the cost down.

My tentative plan for quilting this is to do it by hand!  It is small–44″ by 58″–so it is a manageable size.  It’s been a good while since I did any hand quilting, so this will be another area of practice for me.  It would be nice to have it done in time for the quilt show next January–we will see!


One thought on “Civil War quilt top is finished!

  1. Oh! My! it takes my breath away! In my e-mail box one corner of it was “enlarged”, it was beautiful! And when you click on it here and see the whole thing larger it is just breath taking!
    I hear you about the fabrics which was why I never pursued quilting. I went on to crochet and yarn is the same way, but you need less ;o)

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