Couch quilt

IMG_1658Ever since I made a denim cover for our couch, it has been my intention to make a napping quilt just the right size for it.  I was looking at all the thrift shop shirts I have deconstructed for fabric, and thought, “These would look great with denim!”  And I had just the pattern in mind–Scrappy Mountain Majesties, from Bonnie Hunter.


I made a few sample blocks, just to make sure we were compatible, and then set off.  I had great fun arranging these blocks on my design wall, and trying to make them deliberately random!  My arrangement is different than that of the pattern, but I like it this way too.  Some of the shirts came from Goodwill, but several belonged to my father-in-law, and one stripe was a scrap from a suit I made my son 24 years ago!

Since this is a summer quilt, I used no batting and backed it with some dotted flannel.  A bit of quilting, and it’s done!

4 thoughts on “Couch quilt

    • That’s why the design wall is so important, so you can step back and see how the blocks interact (and make sure there’s no glaring mistakes!) :-)

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