Do you remember?


“Brave of the brave, the twice five thousand men
Who all that day stood in the battle’s shock,
Fame holds them dear, and with immortal pen
Inscribes their names on the enduring rock.”

One of the most beautiful and haunting memorials I have seen is to be found in Shiloh National Military Park.  Fame personified ascends the steps and reaches to inscribe the words above.

While this is the monument to the Iowa soldiers lost in this battle, the largest loss for that state in any battle of any war, it is equally valid to honor all soldiers who have served our country, those who survived and those who did not.  Thank you for your sacrifice, for your love of our God-given freedom.

Do you remember?

3 thoughts on “Do you remember?

    • The statue reminds me of another called Justice, which is seen often as a desktop ornament. The sculptors really have a wonderful way of interpreting the words.

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