The Family Quilts


This lovely quilt was made by my grandmother, Amanda Elizabeth.  She was not always in good health, and did not have money for anything that was not also useful, so it has plenty of scraps.  Apparently she did have a good supply of pink!

matthews family

She is sitting on the arm of the chair, next to my grandfather.  That’s Mother holding the cat–she always did love cats!


According to my Blockbase software, this pattern has been called Boston Puzzle, Winding Blade, and Baseball (how unromantic!)   The circles are hand appliqued on top of machine stitched 4-patches.  The quilting follows the lines of the patches, about 3/8 ” away.  The backing is a thin, rough-looking fabric–probably cheap stuff.  The quilt is in good shape, considering its age ( at least 63 years old) with just a few stains on the back.  Perhaps it was kept back from heavy use, and saved as a special quilt.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my family quilt collection!  We’ll do it again soon.

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