Graduation Thoughts

Yes, our son is officially graduated from home school!  He will be attending Freed-Hardeman University in the fall as an Honors freshman.  In looking back over 14 1/2 years of homeschooling, it’s quite a view.  I can still remember the doubts in the beginning “Will I be able to teach him to read?”, the bumps in the road “Math facts are so hard–can we just skip that part?” and then the realization that my kids were becoming incredible people–so much better of a person that I was at that age.  Not gossipy, shallow-minded, or peer driven, but spiritual, deep thinkers, who were leaders in righteousness instead of followers in mischief.  Young people who can give you a firm handshake and look you in the eye when they speak to you.  A brother and sister who love each other very much!

I think the two big misconceptions of homeschooling are the socialization issue and the idea that the teacher must know it before the student can learn it.  My son participated in two home-based businesses, and gained valuable experience in “the real world” and giving good customer service.  His service activities at church led him to good relationships with both the old and the young.  When we had a graduation party, a wide range of people came from all his different contacts.  He is definitely more socialized that I was at 18.  Good socialization doesn’t mean having so many activities you have to live in the car, but maximizing your children’s opportunities to forge relationships with many different people.

We homeschooled using Charlotte Mason’s ideas, and came to use the Ambleside curriculum for his last three years.  He and his sister read books I’ve never read, and learned things I’ve never known.  Using his tools of basic reading and grammar which I taught him, he has taught himself Biblical Greek, Spanish, and Latin, and is working on some other languages as well.  I can’t converse in any of those.  I’ve met so many beginning homeschoolers who are worried about knowing chemistry, when their kids can’t even read yet.  I would encourage them to work on the basics, read many high quality books, do not neglect the study of God’s Word, and the higher learning will work itself out.

God has truly blessed us, in ways that we couldn’t have even imagined.

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  1. Well, the jury is still out deliberating, but so far it looks really good! Now the responsibility is shifting to you, to make the right decisions without us telling you what to do all the time. :-)

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