Keep the home fires burning

Most people keep their home warm with the aid of central heat and a thermostat.  Things are different in the Bruce household, and today’s post is a tribute to the one who “keeps the home fire burning.”


My husband dearly loves a fire, whether a campfire, a fire in the stove, or burning a brush pile.  He can sit for a long time watching the flames and meditating, but he doesn’t sit for long before rearranging the logs or adding some more wood to the fire to keep it going.

We’ve had several cold spells this winter, and are in the midst of another, but our house is toasty warm thanks to my husband’s efforts.  He brings in an armload of wood several times a day, arranges it just so in the stove, and scoops out the ashes when they accumulate.  I can’t even remember the last time we turned on the central heat in this house.


And where did all that wood come from?  Well, since we moved to the pineywoods of Texas, there is plenty of wood.  He has spent many an afternoon cutting down trees into manageable pieces and splitting those logs for use.

So thankful for his servant heart and provision for his family!

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