Quick Cheesy Bread


The menu for lunch today was just must-goes (leftovers), so I thought we needed something new to go with the not-so-new.  Some sort of cheesy bread sounded good, so a quick internet search revealed this lovely loaf!  I cut the recipe down so that it would make a smaller loaf, just in case we didn’t like it.  But I wouldn’t be blogging about it if we didn’t like it!  It was fabulous right out of the oven–moist, with a little tang from the sour cream, lots of cheesy goodness, and crispy on top.  Mmmm…

The original recipe is here:  http://www.crunchycreamysweet.com/2013/11/04/quick-cheese-bread-recipe/

And here’s a printable recipe card of my version:  Enjoy!

Quick Cheesy Bread

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