Shirt Stripe Boxes Quilt

About 3 years ago, I saved a Pinterest picture of a really cool quilt made from striped men’s shirts.  My mother loved stripes, so I come by this fascination honestly :-)


Fast forward 3 years–now I have a new sewing room, with a design wall just begging for a project.  The Shirt Stripe Boxes quilt came to mind, and I started to work.  It took some doing to figure out the right way to make the blocks, because the picture I pinned had incorrect instructions!  But with some experimenting, I figured it out.


I had several blocks done, when I saw that I needed more variety of fabrics.  The local thrift stores were no help…and then I remembered a bag of striped scraps under my bed!  What a treasure trove it was–quite the walk down memory lane, with some scraps from maternity clothes, and an outfit worn by my son 24 years ago.  But it was just what my quilt needed to really make it pop!


And here it is, in all its glory!  The design wall was absolutely essential, because there were 3 sizes of blocks to fit together.  And I also took a picture of the layout before taking blocks down to sew them, just in case I forgot which way they went!  This is a couch quilt, and instead of using batting, I just backed it with a flannel sheet and quilted it in 3 inch squares.

This pattern was created by Kaffe Fassett, an incredibly talented artist and designer.  If you like bright colors, you should check into his fabric lines!

4 thoughts on “Shirt Stripe Boxes Quilt

  1. This is stunning! The reason I sew is to “create”. I love using fabrics as an expression of art. And having them be useful is a bonus! ;o) I don’t quilt anymore. And I need my time to sew clothing for the kids. Thank You for sharing!
    (((HUGS))) and prayers

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