So many possibilities!

One of my favorite things about quilting is how you can take a set of blocks and arrange them in many different ways, and each one looks completely different!  I have found over the years that the best way for me to compare the different options is to arrange the blocks on a design wall (flannel covered so that they stay put) and take a picture of each arrangement:


The first photo shows the pile of blocks I ended up constructing, and the last photo shows my final selection with a border fabric around it.  But isn’t it amazing how different all these possibilities look!

I guess my trigonometry teacher was right when she kept saying, “Just try all the different possibilities, and you’ll find the answer!”  (Trouble was, I wasn’t smart enough to see all the “possibilities.”)


Here’s a picture of the final quilt–perhaps you didn’t realize how small these blocks are, until you saw the ruler!

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