The Family Quilts – part 2

Today we will look to my husband’s side of the family for our family quilt.  His grandmother was named Geraldine Iris, and she had her hands full raising six children in the Dust Bowl days.  But somewhere in there, she found time to quilt, and underneath the quilting frame was a fine place to play.

blog picI have no idea when she made this quilt, but I know she made many.  All her quilts that I have seen were very practical, designed to be used and worn out.  She used the materials she had on hand, and kept her family warm.

P1040342This pattern is called Rail Fence, Fence Posts or Roman Square.  She machine pieced the squares, and then quilted them in crosswise stripes.  The backing is plain muslin, and it has a single layer bias binding of solid pink.  The whole quilt is in remarkable good shape, considering it is at least 30-40 years old, and possibly even older.

P1040343I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip into the past–stay tuned for the next family quilt soon!

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