The Family Quilts – part 3

Today’s family quilt belonged to my husband’s stepmother.  She helped to raise him in his formative years, and was much beloved by us all.  I do not know who actually made the quilt, but I would guess it to be someone in her family.  Lois herself was busy raising 7 children of her own, and then helping with my husband and his brothers, so there wasn’t much time for quilting.

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This quilt has some worn areas which show the filler of a single layer of flannel.  The backing is plain muslin, and a previous binding of dark blue has worn away. It was hand pieced and hand quilted, but there is some machine stitching where the binding used to be.  It was much used and much loved!



Lois encouraged me in my early quilting efforts, and loved the bow tie pattern.  She always wanted me to make a bow tie quilt, and I did, but not until after she had passed away unexpectedly.  Here is the quilt I made in her honor, from my extensive selection of plaid scraps:


Thanks for joining me for this walk down memory lane!

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