The Family Quilts – Part 4

Today’s quilt is quite a treasure–not only does it tell who made it and when, but also who it was for!  This is unusual in old quilts, and this one is 80 years old.


My sweet grandmother made this quilt, and presented it to my daddy on the occasion of his 12th birthday.   They were living in Megargel, Texas at the time, and she was a busy preacher’s wife with three children.  But somewhere in the midst of it all, she found time to make this quilt.

Grandfather & Grandmother Smith




While piecing this quilt, apparently Grandmother ran out of her pink and blue fabric, and had to substitute a different shade.  Quilters today would be horrified to do such a thing, but in those days you made do with what you had.


This quilt has a mixture of machine and hand piecing, and is quilted by hand.  The backing is plain muslin, and it appears that the backing was brought to the front to form a binding, which has not survived the years very well.

There is an unusual feature to this quilt that I’ve never seen before.  A gauzy piece of fabric was sewn across the top part of the quilt after it was finished, and it is embroidered with the words “Presented to Bassil Smith By Mother July 20, 1934”. Isn’t that the neatest thing?  That part of the quilt is in terrible shape, and I hope to restore it by gently tacking it onto a similar backing fabric.



Thanks for joining me for this step back into the past!

6 thoughts on “The Family Quilts – Part 4

  1. I love the uniqueness of quilts made from just what they had at the time! I have never seen a quilt label like that. What a treasure!

  2. Yes, I thought pink and blue was an unusual choice for a 12 year old boy, but maybe that’s all she had to work with. I was amazed when I realized it was 80 years old, and that my daddy would have been 92 this year.

  3. I had forgotten about this quilt. So glad you have it and can preserve it. The picture of Grandmother and Grandfather is one I have seen but I had not seen the one of Benjamin? and Grandmother. I love the quilts that you have given to me, however, you did not put your signature on any of them. In the future…
    Love you, Trudie

    • Yes, that is Benjamin with Grandmother–I wish I had a video of that visit. Shame on me for not labeling your quilts! I am getting better about doing that, and will gladly label them for you.

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