Threads of Memory

It’s a new year, and I’m doing a new thing this year!  Many quilters participate in a block-of-the-month, where you are given instructions (and/or supplies) to complete one block for each month, and at the end you have enough for a quilt.  I have never done one before, mostly because I have more time than money, but Barbara Brackman has started a new one at her Civil War Quilts blog.  It is called Threads of Memory.

I love Barbara Brackman’s blogs, because she is a quilt historian.  So not only do you have a block pattern, but a piece of fascinating history to go with it.  The theme for this year’s quilt centers around the Underground Railroad, and the first block tells the story of a runaway slave who belonged to George Washington himself.

Here’s my first square:


Speaking of new things, I have a new sewing machine as well!  It’s a Janome 8077, and I’ve been enjoying it very much.  It came with a 1/4″ foot which has a guard along the right side to guide the fabric.  I discovered that in order to end up with the right size block, I needed to move the needle a couple of notches to the right.


Stay tuned next month for the next block in Threads of Memory, and be sure to go to the website and read the story behind this block.

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