Where have you been?

My occasional readers may have been wondering–where have you been?  I haven’t seen a blog post in months!  Well, big changes have been going on in our household, and will continue for several more months.

My husband had a wonderful ministry opportunity present itself, and so we made the difficult decision to leave behind our friends in Jefferson and our home in the woods.  This new adventure has been great so far, but we are still working on the logistics of finding a house and getting all our stuff under one roof.

Which brings me to our photo today…


When we moved to Jefferson, my motto I reminded myself of was “bloom where you are planted.”  I felt a bit uprooted, and so I was encouraging myself to “dig in” to the new place.

The motto for this move is “There is a place for you.”  We have been blessed with a temporary home for as long as we need it, and this picture shows my humble little sewing nook.  Most of my stuff is still packed away, but there is a place just for me.

IMG_2439And of course, I packed projects for this in-between time.  This little quilt was hand-pieced while attending kung fu class with a certain young man, and I recently finished it.  I think it adds a nice touch to the sewing nook, don’t you?


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